Dress Code Seminars for Students



Countless students graduate on a yearly basis with excellent grades, certificates, internships and never-ending motivation to perform. What does set your students apart from others? How your students will score those dismal points on his/ her first interview? How will they change a simple meeting into a job? – Only by being prepared and by looking just as the company expects them to.

How to appropriately dress for the first interview? How to avoid unwanted subtext and give the right impression? From what clothing brands to buy? How should a first suit look? What the ‘world fashion’ has to say about it?

Your students ask themselves those question, and we have the answers. You already packed their suitcase with skills and knowledge, and we offer you to give them an additional carry-on bag with an extra curriculum on how to dress for any professional occasion that might come along their way.

The following program can run in the form of a workshop or a seminar. Every presentation is designed primarily for your field and is available in English and German in Switzerland and abroad.


Book us for your next batch of graduates.


Sincerely yours,

VO Style team.