About us

Nico and Olga Vögeli founded VO Style on 1st of March 2018. VO Style is not a typical blog of fashion and style enthusiasts, and it is also not a luxury lifestyle blog – it is something different. VO Style is a blog where you can learn about style and discover fashion’s impact on our life’s; VO Style is a store – where you can purchase hand-made designer accessories for you and your loved once; VO Style is a platform where you can book a professional dress-code workshop for your students, associates and just for yourself. 

It is not a secret that when we are well dressed, we tend to feel confident, why not having this feeling last for 7 days a week? Going somewhere and feeling like a face in the crowd, why not standing out and showing your identity? Being ready for a new career challenge, but not knowing if your closet is? Going on a date with a man/woman of your dream and now knowing if you will make a right impression or send the right message? – Having someone help you with your look today is the same as having your teeth cleaned – unpleasant but very useful.    


We want to help you to look better. 

Our mission is to help you to find your way around the stores and keep your personality within every purchased item.